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Sleep Or Rest As Much As Possible

If you are tired or do not sleep well, it is tough for you to be able to assist someone who is elderly and, in many cases, sick. Therefore, rest enough according to your organism request. The lack of sleep will decrease your ability to concentrate and therefore not to make mistakes or to solve problems, to be attentive to the needs of the family member, to remember essential issues, etc.

If you have the opportunity, take a nap. Try to rest when the old man does too. If you have had children, think about the time they were babies, it is very similar advice since the baby’s rest should be taken by the mother for the same. If you can hire a person to help you, take the opportunity to sleep or rest when the home help assistant is in the house taking care of other tasks.

In Interdomicilio Canarias we put at your disposal experience and qualified people to help you, and we guarantee that the budget is not going to be a problem.

Professionals specialized in the care of the elderly

We have a staff of professionals specialized in the attention of the old, which we put at your disposal for your needs, whether punctual or continuous over time.

All our staff has been selected through exhaustive processes, whose references have been previously checked and their skills, verified throughout his career in Interdomicilio. Also, all of them are registered in the General Social Security Registry and have a Civil Liability Insurance, guaranteeing maximum security in the care of yours.

Also, we also offer you the possibility of hiring your caregiver through our selection of staff, an ideal alternative when it comes to continuous services in intensive days, and even when we talk about the need for an employee in the internal regime. This option allows you to choose your employee from among different candidates that fit the required profile so that it fully adapts to the characteristics you are looking for.